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Jack Link's Opens New Wild Side Retail Store

Published on November 15th, 2017

For the first time ever, the world’s most beloved jerky brand—Jack Link’s—is bringing its family-recipe flavors and adventurous attitude to life in an immersive retail store in Minneapolis: Jack Link’s Wild Side. Located in the renovated Target Center, the brick-and-mortar monument to jerky is the perfect place to Feed Your Wild Side, shop like a beast and get your hands on new, outrageous and delicious items from the world’s protein snack leader.

The Wisconsin-born brand infused its Northwoods heritage into each and every retail product, allowing customers to bring a small piece of Jack Link’s Wild Side home. In addition to a wide array of tasty meat snacks, Jack Link’s went outside the bag with brand-new retail offerings, including:

  • A collection of fine china.  Shoppers can choose between picturesque woodland scenes, or Sasquatch maulings.
  • Highfalutin fashion. Specifically, the Sasschál, a lavish outerwear statement piece crafted in partnership with the design duo of Idle Child. This one-of-a-kind accouterment was inspired by Sasquatch’s luxurious fur, with a hood, faux pant legs and vintage fang buttons. The Sasschál allows you to clothe your inner untamed spirit with magnificent outward-facing splendor. It must be worn to be believed and is on display now at Wild Side with a $5,000 price tag.

Jack Link’s Wild Side store was created in partnership with Delaney Consulting, Black (retail design); Cuningham Group (architecture); Hot Dish (in-store design); and Mortenson (construction).