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Jack Link's "Versus"

Published on July 28th, 2017

For some time now, people have surmised that Jack Link’s Jerky is an inferior snack. Somewhere along the line, these surmise-ers forgot that jerky is made of meat and that meat is made of protein and that protein is good. So, through the use of science and hamster wheels, we scientifically proved Jack Link’s Jerky beats the snack out of other snacks in a new TV campaign, titled “Versus.”

Protein Detector

This is a video of a woman using a protein detector on snacks, to prove Jack Link’s Jerky beats the snack out of other snacks.


Ever wonder what happens when you put some Jack Link’s Jerky under a microscope? Well, we did and now both our minds and our muscles are smarter.


To keep snacks from lying to us, we hooked some up to a polygraph machine and interrogated the heck out of them. Turns out Jack Link’s Jerky is both trustworthy and factual.